Bid Management Services ….

requires all of proposal writers to have a common understanding of the objective of the tender, the proposal structure and the bid writing process. This means ensuring the writers understand the bid writing process so each writer knows how their work fits into the overall proposal document. Bid management is the process of managing both knowledge flow and ensuring sufficient, a competent  is deployed to submit a high quality tender proposal on time.


The bid management challenge ......but given the fact that many of the bid writers; will have a day job to do, are likely to work in different departments or locations, many have not worked together before and the time frame for submitting the bid proposal if short, how do you effectively achieve this?


The bid process Synergistix our process is simple yet proven. With an effective bid management methodology which has been used over many years to successfully co-ordinate bid s and to produce high quality successful bid proposals.


Synergistix bid process ……….





             Government Grants ….

Founded in 2000, Grants Office, LLC provides innovative grants development services that enable corporations, municipalities and nonprofit organizations to maximize their grant initiatives. We provide research and advisory services to nonprofits and municipalities looking for grant funding, as well as for industry partners that provide products and solutions to the public sector. Our consultants leverage years of experience in developing integrated grant seeking programs.

Based in Rochester, NY, Grants Office has a unique business model that incorporates the company's strong record of grant consulting and approach to grant funding. This enables us to build a truly credible bridge between public sector business needs, vendor solutions and the funding necessary for program and solution success. Grants Office's growing satisfied customer base is a testament to the quality of its services.

The services we offer have grown to include: fundability analyses; grant research support; grantseeking plan development; grantwriting; grant editing; on-site and web-based training; post-award consultation; grants administration; UPstream online knowledge base; Grant Stream web services; and .info site development and sponsorship.

We are experts in grants development. As researchers, community planners, and specialized writers, we are committed to reducing barriers to funding. Grants Office provides the information and services that help you achieve many of your professional and organizational goals.

Grants Office offers solutions for both for-profit and nonprofit clients. Our strategies allow customers to improve their specific grants development program by reducing costs and decreasing the burden on internal staff time and resources.

 Grants Office provides a variety of services including: proposal development and submittal, comprehensive research reports and completion of a year-long grant seeking plans, and access to our online database. Grants Office offers customizable solutions that will fit most budgets.




                        Education Economic Stimulus Funding ….

The economic stimulus package of 2009 is a historic opportunity for educators, healthcare providers and government agencies to enhance their efforts in making lives better. But understanding what funding is available, how it can be used and which projects will best serve your community or agency can be daunting.  The Economic Stimulus Learning Center aims to demystify the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and provide tools and information to help you make strategic decisions that best serve your community.

Stimulus-related American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for education entities is being disbursed through several mechanisms, some of which are managed by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE), and others by state governments.


Key USDOE administered programs that can provide funding for technology-related initiatives include:

 K-12 Education:

State Fiscal Stabilization Fund-Education Stabilization Fund
• State Fiscal stabilization Fund- Government services Fund
• Title l Funding
• Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
• Race to the Top Fund
• Invest in What Works and Innovation Fund
• Statewide Data Fund
• Impact Aid Construction Grants
• Enhancing Education Through Technology Grants
• E-rate Program
• School Construction Bonds
• Qualified School Construction Bonds
• Qualified Zone Grants and Loans
• Broadband Grants and Loans

Higher Education:

• State Fiscal Stabilization Fund – Education Fund
• State Fiscal Stabilization Fund - Government Services Fund
• Bonds for Capital Projects
• Broadband Grants and Loans
• Health Information Technology