Microsoft Solutions:

Never more so than in tough economic times Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help you remain competitive by optimizing the potential of your people. Microsoft’s familiar toolset and well-established presence across business processes helps empower people to get the most value from familiar, existing technology. Through a broad range of unique Microsoft solutions, both managed and online, your organization can reduce communication costs, uncover untapped efficiencies through better project management, and make better decisions through relevant, actionable business intelligence.


                 Microsoft Dynamics Provides..... institutions  with a solid foundation in use by various industry companies around the world.  Its unique ability to support various financial, reporting, inventory, distribution, and supply chain, and makes it ideally suited for your requirements.


                      Microsoft Dynamics CRM .......has transformed the way many institutions secure and retain their most valuable asset; information.  From facility, students and parents institutions are quick to capitalize on the familiar and flexible functionality offered by the only CRM solution that works inside Microsoft Office Outlook.



                     Office SharePoint Server 2007 / 2010.......traditionally, the tools for accessing large amounts of unstructured data for the purpose of analysis were available only to people with years of experience in data warehousing or data mining. Publishing to the Web by using data from multiple sources is something historically restricted to developers and consultants. By using the new features available in Office SharePoint Server 2007, information workers can assemble data from multiple sources and publish that data on the Web or to Dashboards which are tools to monitor any metrics desired.